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Football season in the South is the time of the year I look forward to the most. From the weather, the smell of tailgate food, the deliciously cold beverages, to the unforgettable social time with friends and family - football season is amazing. As if that wasn't enough, the night of the Mississippi State and Auburn game, on September 9, 2010 became a whole new ball game. God sure works in mysterious ways.

Here I am, sitting at a bar in Buckhead called the Bucket Shop. Getting there early is key, as many Auburn alumni watch the game there on the patio. Finding the perfect spot is crucial for game watching material, so I arrive well over an hour with plenty of room to spare. The table was perfect, front and center for great game-day viewing possibilities. Let's not forget to mention the second most important part of getting there early, the extra chairs to rest my feet on. After all, southern comfort comes at a high price.

The game kicked off and the patio was packed. Wings, beers and other snacks were ordered and well on their way. Extra chairs were already in use and being sought out by other folks in need of the seating. As I continued to rest my feet and stick to the story of "Sorry. Seat's taken. Friend is on the way. Etc", behind me I hear the voices of two women conspiring about our extra seats. I'm already planning my response. Trust me, it was polite and appropriate. Problem was, I wasn't expecting to be awe struck.
Over walks Lindsay and she inquires about the seats. Totally blindsided and like a jerk, I respond with the now infamous "Seat's taken." Shockingly (before knowing her, of course), Lindsay sits down anyway. Realizing that I had met my match, I am stunned and silenced. Some moments (and beers) go by, and I finally get up the nerve to talk to her. After some shuffling of seats, the talking doesn't cease until well after the final whistle. I must've made up for my foot-in-mouth comment because Lindsay and her friend agreed to join us for a few more drinks at a bar close by.

Mr. "Seat's taken" and Lindsay never stopped talking. Somehow, despite the amazing conversation, I pulled a big fat FAIL and forgot to ask Lindsay for her number. After a safe drop off at her place , I too make my way home. Feeling defeated, and with God urging me to turn the car around, I go back to Lindsay's place, knock on her door and ask for her number. With a little persistence and redirection, here we are today.
I told you, football season is amazing.

Her Side...

Football season had just begun...second game to be exact! It was an away game for the Auburn vs. Miss State match up. When it comes to Auburn football, this girl's a HUGE fan!! I drag my girlfriend to the BucketShop in Buckhead; a local restaurant/bar where the Auburn club meets up for all AU games...if I wasn't at the actual game, you better believe I was somewhere watching it! Fashionably late, we stroll outside to the patio where there's more game action and big screen TVs.   Front and center, I spot a table  (currently occupied by two guys) with the only empty seats in the place! I quickly make my way through the crowd to snag our perfect view. I politely ask the guys sitting at the table if we can share and take the open seats. Well, to my surprise, the response I got was NOT one I was looking for. (Geoff) half looks up at me and replies, 'Sorry, these seats are taken.' 'Really?! (I say with a smile) Well, they look open to me! (wink).' I happily take my seat, front and center.

For those of you who know me, when it comes to (Auburn) football, I'm all about watching the game...this is no social hour for me! So, as the game progressed, I notice Mr. 'Seat's Taken' trying to spark up conversation. Well, (I thought) you may be cute, but you're going to have to try A LOT harder then that! As the night went on, my friend and I found ourselves enjoying our new found friends. The Auburn game became white noise as we laughed, talked,  and half watched the remaining minutes of the game. On a whim, we all went out to continue the high from the Bucket Shop, oh yeah, and the big AU win!!

At our next destination, Geoff and I found ourselves chatting the night away at the rooftop bar of the W. He told me about his plans for the Army as I shared my hopes for graduate school. The comfort and ease of conversation with him was as if we'd already met, like two old friends catching up. He ended up driving me home that night. As he dropped me off, I offered a friendly hug goodnight, went inside, never expecting to see him again.

Well, as you all know, our story doesn't end there! True to form, God intervened once again for us. About 10 minutes after being dropped off, I heard a knock at my door. There, stood one cute (nervous) guy asking for my number. I gladly offered!
We talked here and there over the next few months, as I dodged 'date night' at every turn. As I continued to be Miss 'not looking for anything serious', my mom finally stepped in and said 'Lindsay, just go out with the boy! It's not like you're going to marry him!' :) (Thanks Mom...for knowing me better then I know myself sometimes.) After that first 'official' date, I began to see what was right in front of me and patiently watched as God's plan continued to unfold. I eventually fell in love with this man who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with...

**Sometimes we have a plan, an idea of what the future holds...thankfully, God took a hold of my plan, my ideas for my future, and gave me my very best friend to share this life with, now and forever.**

I love you Geoff, thank you for showing me what 1 Cor. 13 is truly about.

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