Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hey y'all!! As of August 25, 2016 LtL has a new look and location! We're excited for where we're headed and want to see you there!

Head on over to LtL 2.0, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on the exciting things coming up in 2016-2017!

See y'all there!

Lemons to Love,

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Blueberries at Spooners

Summertime at Spooner's!  Here is your current installment of "soaking in the summer sun" - brought to you by "This is our last summer here so I will squeeze every single outing I can into every free morning we have!" LLC. One thing's for sure, this place has tons of different outdoors stuff to do! There's a local fruit farm here called Spooner's where they let you pick strawberries earlier in the summer and blueberries in the later months of summer. They also sell some delicious raspberries and marionberries, which apparently are not the same as blackberries but equally juicy.

Remember when I said I was usually able to round up a girlfriend to part take in the play date ju dour?? Well, with little persuasion needed, she met me again with her adorable brood of boys -- y'all get a little taste of that scrumptious baby below! I'll just smooch him for you... 💋💋

I was't sure if B would be into the whole idea of carrying a bucket around and picking blueberries, but to my surprise he loved it...a lot. So much so that he may or may not have skipped the bucket portion of picking and put the berries straight in his mouth! Haha! I just chalked it up to quality control for the berries that we'd actually end up taking home. 😉👌🏼

^^^ I mean, y'all...get a load of that sweetness!!

^^^ Quality control check #1😋

^^^ Quality control check #37...

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss ❤️

Lemons to Love,

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Low tide at Tolmie

Summer is finally here and it feels to already be slipping through my fingers! I'm trying to find all the summer outings that exceed a toddler's level of activity while still maintaining my own level of activity. 😉 Ya feel me... Thankfully I can usually convince a girl friend to come along and *poof* we have a play date du jour! This little friend of ours, Cooper, you may remember his cuteness from our visit to the pumpkin patch last year?? These two blondies are a hoot together!! Cooper is a little over a year older than Brooks and their age difference shows (i.e. level of understanding, following directions, and 'sharing'). He is very good at 'being the boss' and laying down some ground rules for the day, while Brooks is very good at challenging 'said' rules and seeing how far he can push Coop into annoyance. It's quite entertaining, well, for me at least. 🙊

It was a fun day for the boys to explore low tide, but mainly for the moms to catch up life and non-toddler conversations!! #adulttalk

^^^Let me set the scene: Coop: Brooks! Don't throw mud on me please!"
Brooks: throws mud anyway and enjoys the reaction.😣
Side note: don't judge, I am parenting y'all...just from a comical distance 😜

^^^Look at this lil dream boat!😍

These two are so fun together the older they get. These moments and friendships will definitely be what I'll miss most! ❤️ *holds back all the feels*

Thanks for reading, y'all! Stay tuned for more summer fun on LtL!

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