Friday, July 3, 2015

Fridays are for...

Splash parks! Ok, small confession, this post isn't actually from a Friday -- more like a Monday -- playdate, but my real plans on Friday were at the dealership for an oil change and routine car maintenance. Sexy right? Who wants to read about real life...not me and I sure as hell don't wanna write about it! :) So, for today my dear readers I'm keepin' it real on the authenticity meter and making a Friday post from Monday's plans...

I met my sweet friend Berta and her kids I used to nanny for, for an overdue playdate -- AKA we get to catch up while the little ones are entertained. :) We met up at the (super nice and clean!) splash park in University Place with grassy fields, shading trees, spray parks, and access to the Sound. It was such a fun morning and somewhere I will definitely be frequenting with the remaining of Summer.


The beach access was so fun! It was like a little tide pool of creatures we had fun exploring with the kiddos. Brooks was more interested in sucking on the rocks -- he wasn't really into the crabs, anemones, and fish. I think someone is having their best summer yet...and B seems to be enjoying it too ;)

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! *cue the fireworks!*

Thanks for reading!

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