Friday, June 6, 2014

Nursery Mobile Inspirations

Now that I'm nearing my third trimester I'm feeling the 'nesting itch' even more and with some extra time freeing up from school being over and down to just one job I'm ready to get my decorative DIY on! I've been pulling some inspiration for a nursery mobile from Pottery Barn, Resoration Hardware and a few cute ones from shop owners on Etsy.

Since this baby will be our first, and the conception of birth is still such a mind blowing miracle to me, I'm adding little touches of lambs around the room, for our "little lamb" from God theme. With the gender being revealed at the shower later this month back home in FL I'm keeping the colors gender neutral with grays, minty-blues & a buttery yellow.

Here are a few pics I'm using for my inspiration when I start my DIY nursery mobile. What do y'all think??

These are the colors I'm trying to incorporate into the nursery...

Image found via Pinterest

Image found via Etsy

I'd love to have a mix of coordinating colors and patterns like these cute cloud mobiles. The crocheted lambs with little bells are super sweet but, let's be honest, I don't see crocheting happening anytime in my near future. Stuffed fabric and yarn will do!

Image via Pottery Barn 

Image via Etsy

 Image via Etsy

Image via Etsy  

Image via Etsy

So what's the overwhelming consensus? With all these ideas floating around in my head I'm having a hard time deciding on just one! Feel free to share your thoughts :)


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  1. Love those colors and the lil lambies!!! Super cute :)