Sunday, January 12, 2014


Have you heard the news? There's yet another way to connect, upload and unleash the social media sharing this great big world offers! I have to admit...I feel like I can barely keep up with it all (although I do give it a valiant effort to it's addictive nature!) I haven't quite ventured into the Twitter relm, but never say never! I think I'm taking baby steps to that point but for now I am fully-engaged into Instagram and Pinterest (come say hello @lindsgc1105), Facebook, Etsy (new blog post coming soon!), Google +, Blogger, and now my new conquered connection Bloglovin'!

If you look up my blog (Lemons to Love) you'll find me there! It's a great big, never ending, blogging haven to stay up to date on all your favorite bloggers! So instead of having to check each individual blogger's site for news and updates you can get it all in the one-stop-shop at Bloglovin'.  I've just signed up and excited to get started...come find me and follow along in the link below!


Thanks for reading!

Lemons to Love,


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