Monday, September 16, 2013

Motivation Monday

Hey there friends! After a wonderful weekend of relaxation and quality time with the hubs I felt that today was a great day to share my gratitude!  With all the things running around in our heads on a day-to-day (let's be real, minute-to-minute) basis, it's nice to stop, take a deep breath, and just give thanks.

I love our home, our two handsome pups, and most of all sharing it all with Geoff...but that doesn't mean I don't want more, see more, and think I need more! :) Especially when it comes to home improvement projects and when I saw this quote it made me take a grateful pause to reflect on the things I've already been blessed with and worked hard to have.  I thought that was a pretty good way to start this new week, I hope it does the same for you!

From our home to yours, have a beautiful and grateful Monday!

Lemons to Love


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